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Version History

Version 2.2 8/24/99
  • Cleaned up the look of the subscribe/unsub screen a bit.
  • Better email validation.
  • List names in the lists.txt file can now have spaces rather than underscore.
  • Script  won't error anymore if a subscription list is blank.
  • I removed the dashes from the email which you send out. This way, if you want them in it, you can add them to your message subject.
  • The HTML footer is now the last thing that gets displayed on output to help you format the page better. Your Header will always be first and Footer will always be last.
Version 2.2 8/11/99
  • Fixed bug which could prevent the  direct unsub from working properly.
Version 2.1 8/10/99
  • Just a few minor bug fixes including the bug which prevented dates to show correctly when viewing your subscriber list. Before it was only showing the current date rather than the actual date of subscription.
Version 2.0 2/16/98
  • Added mutiple list capability.  One script handles any number of list you choose.
  • Added the ability to define a custom script header and footer to allow for seamless integration into your sites look and design.
  • Added feature to allow a subscriber to unsub through a direct link in their email.  The link is customized for each individual to allow them easy unsubscribing and is included with every email sent out.
Version 1.0 11/19/97
  • First version
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