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Follow the steps below to fully test the script
  1. Fill out the form, choose to be added to a list, submit it and return to this screen.
    This is the customized header

    Customized Title

    * indicates required field
    * Name:
    * Email:
       Please select a list below:
       Add me     Remove me

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    WWC Scripts

    This is where you put the html for your footer if you want one.

  2. View the list in which you chose to be added to and see that you have been added.
  3. Fill out the form above once again, choose to be removed, submit it and then return to this page.
  4. View the list in which you chose to be removed from and see that you have been removed.
  5. Take a look at the form used to send your messages. You can hit the send button but no message will be sent.
Download the Script