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version 2.3 (8/24/99)

Make sure you check out our new mailing more powerful program Announcer.  

Simple but powerful script for allowing user to add or remove themselves from any number of local mailing lists. Can be used to notify of site changes, file updates, or whatever. Includes generation of a form in which you type your message and send from.

Note:  This does not interface with other mailing lists.  It uses it's own local database files for storing subscribers.


Multiple List Handling
You can define an unlimited number of lists and the one script will handle them all.   A great feature. No more messing with multiple scripts for handling multiple lists...

Sub/Unsub Demo
Users choose either to sub or unsub from your mailing list.

Direct Email Unsub Link
This is a very convenient and powerful feature.  Each email sent out contains a link that is specifically generated each individual. All the subscriber has to do is follow the link and it will unsub them automatically.  The subscriber no longer has to go to the list homepage and search out how to be removed from the list. This feature will cut down on the email you will get from people asking how to be removed or asking you to remove them. A direct unsub link would look like this:


Script Custom Header and Footer
You an define a custom header and footer to make the look of the script blend with your site seamlessly. Or you can use the basic header and footer provided by the script

Email Validation
Check email addresses to ensure proper format.  If not, it will let them know they didn't not enter the proper format.

Duplication Prevention
On sub, will check to ensure a duplicate email address has not been entered. If the email address is on the notify list, it will not add a duplicate.

Mail Sending Form Demo
Script generates the form in which you type the message and send it from.  From this form you can select the list you want to send it to, define the subject, as well as define the footer for the message.

If the subscriber supplies their name when subscribing, each message sent will be personalized using their name.

Date of Sub Tracking
Tracks dates in which people subscribed to your list.

Message Subject and Footer
You can define a message subject and footer which can be included with each sent message.  Prevents you from having to retype set info over and over when sending out new messages.

File Locking
Help ensure integrity of your files.