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Formerly known as WWC Contests
Looking to hold a contest, survey, or poll on your site?  Are you trying to avoid all the headaches of having to manually handle entries, winners, totals, and all the boring time consuming stuff? If so, this is the script for you.  It's the ultimate in a contest, survey, and poll manager.


Allow users to download any number of files from the internet. Features a database to track the total number of downloads as well as a database to store information about the user who download the file.

Smartlist Manager

A management form interface for the mailing list package Smartlist. It allows users to subscribe, unsubscribe, perform archive search and retrieval, along with full X-command features. It can also track information from mailing list members such as name, email address, and comments.

WWC Notify

A simple but powerful script that allows users to add themselves to any number of mailing lists.  The one script handles them all.  Includes features such as email format verification, name require, message personalization and so much more. Allows custom script headers and footers to ensure the script blends with your site's look seamlessly.  Customized links to allow easy unsub for each individual. Generation of online form in which you type the message that you want to send, hit send, and it sends to all on the list.  You can define a set subject and footer to be included in every message sent.