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      Thank-you for calling back with your address. I wanted to have it so every now and then we can send a donation.

       We love Shadow (adopted out as "Tiva") very much. I think it took her about two weeks to decide we were her wolves, but when she did, she became so loving and devoted. She's the best! Loves to run - I try to take her out at least 5 days a week to run free for 20 minutes or so. And She's quite the hunter and pouncer. She had a few bad habits that were easily altered. She's just the best wolf in Arizona ! She and Nick love to chase each other.

      Thank-you for running the rescue. I think of all those wolves we saw that day - I'm glad you are able to take them in and find them homes.

                                                                              Susan Johnson.

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Dear Danya,
        We have now had Striker for a whole year!! He has been a pleasure to own and take care of. He absolutely loves his new house and sister, Queenie. He really enjoys his walks and riding in cars. Most of all, he loves all the treats and attention that we give him. Although he is 11, he still enjoys playing with other dogs and going on walks! Since we have had him, his arthritis has greatly improved! Hopefully we will get a chance to come out and see you soon! Maybe even adopt another dog! Thank you very very much for giving us the opportunity to own such an incredible dog!!!!!!!!

The Ritter Family


     I received the Christmas card from you, Bill and all of your wonderful wolves and wanted to write to thank you all. I have been meaning to write for so long and send some pictures to you.

     Also I wanted to be sure you got the enclosed check. Please use it for whatever your other fosters need to make life just a little better for them, or perhaps to save another little life. You gave me the two-for-one deal, and I actually feel guilty as I know that what I paid barely covered the costs of getting them from the county not to mention their care for the year that you had them. I wish that I could do even more as animal rescue is the cause  that is dearest to my heart, but I couldn't afford to send what they are worth to me, and still feed them!

     I just wanted to write to tell you how well they fit in with the rest of my crew. While I was driving home from your place, I thought I had lost my mind to think that I was going to bring these two guys home and not have any fights. Well....Aston and Martin are absolute angels! Everyone gets along just fine.

     It did take a few months for them to adjust to the fact that it was OK to come in the house. It took weeks of taunting them with hot dogs, but finally they got the idea that it was nice to be in the house.... Once it got hot enough of course! They still do prefer to be outside, but that's OK too. In the summer they wanted to go out at sundown and stay out for the night, but in the morning they'd come racing in. Now that it's cooled of, they poke their noses in the door once in a while , but they would much prefer to be outside. It rained really hard one night and I had to fight with them to get them in. Once all was said and done they were glad to be out of the rain, but as soon as it stopped, they were ready to go out. When they are in the house they are really pretty good boys. Martin does like to chew a little, but has enough things to chew on that he's been good about not chewing things that he shouldn't. He doesn't run from me at all anymore. At first it was sometimes difficult to get near him, but it's the exact opposite now. They find little spots to burrow and hide in the backyard, but when I call they both come running as fast as they can....right to me! Martin is so beautiful to watch....he runs like the wind and the others can't catch him until he decides to slow down. They do have their own minds though. They don't run from me, but if they decide that they don't want to come in when I call, they run to about 15 feet from the door and then they just lay down and look at me as if to say "I'm not moving!" Yeah, they are spoiled,....as it should be. They get dry food for breakfast and they always have a special dinner. Either some canned food or leftovers mixed in. They loved Thanksgiving as I took all of the scraps and made a dog stew that lastedfor a couple of meals. Oh and we have choir practice every day at dusk. They make me laugh. It seems that as soon as the sun goes down, those that can howl do and those that can't do their best to bark along.

      I just wanted to tell you a little about how great things are going and to thank you so much for saving them. If not for you, they would not be here with me today and I love them more than I can tell you. They are wonderful, just wonderful dogs!

     I could go on telling you about the cute little things that they do, but will stop here. I could also keep thanking you, but to tell you they truth, there just aren't  words to express the gratitude that I feel for what you did for them....and me!

     May God bless you and I wish you, Bill, and all of the wonderful wolves at your place long and happy lives and the best of holidays.

                                                                                                     Sandy Wolcott.

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Here's some pictures of Ichy, just hanging around.  He's becoming very social with me and he is warming to Kevin.  We are still struggling a bit with house breaking.  He will go to the door but if we don't open it he just lets loose on the floor.  We are so happy to have him.  He is getting pretty relaxed and is going to be a wonderful addition to our family.

Marie and Kevin Wade

We just came from the vet, a follow-up on his skin condition.  He's gained 25 pounds in the last 22 days.  His skin is healing very well and he's starting to grow his hair back.  His appetite is beginning to subside a bit.  He is eating a little less in the  morning.  So now he is only eating as much as the other five put together, instead of more than all of them.  There's been no signs of colitis in weeks.  I do believe he is becoming one happy and healthy boy.  He has a passion for shoes, which has cost me one pair of flip-flops and some minor damage to my favorite pair of boots. 

  Hope everybody had a good holiday.

Kevin Wade

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ARLO's Story

Dear Danya,

        ARLO enjoys the firestation nearby (1/3 mile from my house).  Everytime the sirens go off he howls.   What a delight!  Shuts the neighborhood dogs up for about 5 full minutes too!He is eating, but not very much.  Won't touch the dry food unless I pour a little beef broth on it.   I am feeding him at about 6 PM and leaving whatever he doesn't finish out for him.  He doesn't touch it later, or all the rest of the next day.   I have a stainless steel bowl mounted on the center of a metal ring mold.  I fill the ring with water to keep ants out of the food. I have it outside on the patio.  I also have a big bucket for water which he uses with no problem.   Is there something I don't know about feeding him?  He's eating no more than 2 cups of the dry food a day.  This seems scant to me for his size.   Maybe he's just still adjusting?  Maybe he was used to being fed in the morning?   He seemed to have somewhat loose stool this afternoon.   Took ARLO for a nice long (for me) walk this afternoon about 6 blocks.   The neighbors all love him.   Except for insisting on marking all the bushes and garbage cans set out for collection, all went well. 

         Am making very little progress with the cat.  We have avoided anymore hissy-fits but the cat stays hidden.  If I  put ARLO outdoors at 5 AM the cat will go to the laundry room and eat, however as soon as he is done he hides again and I don't see him until the next morning.  I can't imagine how he's getting by using the catbox once a day but haven't found any "accidents".   ARLO is not causing any problem with SPOT....   SPOT's problem is all in his own mind.   I'm not letting SPOT outdoors until he makes up with ARLO inside.

        After finding a large hole where ARLO was digging out under the gate, I backfilled and put a line of concrete paving blocks under the gates.  This morning I dressed that with cayenne pepper which he sniffed and didn't like.  Hope that will discourage him.  So far, he hasn't tried to jump the wall.  Pat

       ARLO is very affectionate with me, rubs his head and asks for petting which I give freely and tell him how beautiful he is.  He gives me his paw frequently.  Makes a short howl to go out, and paws the door to come in.I got Purina's best dry dog food.  Maybe next time will get IAMS.  Maybe it's  just that  he doesn't "wolf down" his food like Eagle used to do, which is what I expected.  He does eat.  I got him some beef soaked treats at Petsmart, about 2 x 3  inches size and thin hide.  I have given him one each day and  he seems to like them.  He seems to recognize the words "treat" "sit" "come" "lay down" and "stay".    I'm trying to be a pack leader but a benevolent one. Peggy says he liked to cuddle stuffed toys which she got for him at Salvation Army.He loves tennis balls but doesn't give a hoot for the big TuffStuff ball with pebbles inside that my previous dog loved.  Although he likes to chase the tennis balls and pick them up, he doesn't bring them back very far, or drop them on command.  So we are learning about each other.     Pat  


      Arlo and I have definately bonded.  Arlo has quit trying to dig out under the gate.  He enjoyed my Thanksgiving Dinner Party immensely and the 44 guests enjoyed him as well.  He is very good about the cat, doesn't chase him or threaten him in any way. However Spot still treats Arlo sort of like an annoying visiting in-law that some else in the family loves.  They co-exist in the household but are not really  friends.  Maybe eventually, but at least they are not at war.  Arlo is almost through his major shedding period, thank goodness.  He's such a love!  The empty spot in my life is filled by the wolf at my feet.  I have also lost 6 lbs. taking him walking.  Life is good!  Pat Hull 

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Angel Eyes  (now known as Apache)
Angel Eyes small.JPG (12580 bytes)He will be twelve in April.  He runs and plays with the other dog

(the black one is a 3yr old Curly Coated Retriever).  Actually, he is doing quite well.
After the holidays I will come out and see the dogs.  Have a good
Thanksgiving and we will talk later.





Hi Danya,
Just wanted to update you on Dani--she and the young male we got from Duster (Captain) are doing great.  They get along really well and get lots of exercise running on our fenced acre in the mornings and the evenings. They do love to outsmart Mike and he has had to reinforce their pen in many different ways to keep them in.  But I'm happy to say they are great friends to us and each other and are adjusting well.
Dani and Captain had a big day last week-end when we took them on their first major outing to Alamo Lake.  We hiked a bit with them on the leash and took them to the lake for their first introduction to a big water body.  After a few skittish moments with the waves, both took to the water as if they were born to it.  Those puppies were pretty tired when we got home!
I'm attaching a couple of pictures from the Alamo Lake day.  Hope you're doing well.


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