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Ace        ADOPTED!

Ace 3 October 29 2003 3.jpg (44120 bytes)

Ace has a wonderful story, Prescott Animal Control was unable to place him, a volunteer took him home and tried to place him twice, he bounced back (quite literally) to them both times. He arrived here, and the next weekend a Husky rescue dropping off a dog from Southern Ca. liked him so much they took him with them to place, by the time they got home they liked him SO MUCH, they decided to keep him !
Arlo       ADOPTED!!! See photos of Arlo and read about how he is doing in his new home!

Arlo goes home 3.JPG (18487 bytes)

Arlo has quite a story behind him, Look for it under letters. (Arlo's info is still under construction, please excuse)
Babycakes:    ADOPTED With Wahooska (see below)!
wpe89239.gif (632910 bytes) Babycakes: A 2 1/2 year old, spayed female. Siberian husky cross. She is people and dog social, very affectionate, and craves constant attention. She is housebroken provided she is supervised. She is also very active and athletic. She is good with larger children, and could  be taught to live with cats. Babycakes suffers separation anxiety, so she needs a home with lots of constant activity, with people and other animals around her all the time. She can jump a 6 foot fence, but not very well, and only because she is afraid of being left alone. With a little bit of TLC, and some time under her belt to bond with a family, she will make a wonderful friend and companion. Since she has been with us, she has bonded with Wahooska, (see adoptions page2 ) and will do better if they can go into a home together, a two for one pair.
Wahooska:   Adopted with Babycakes (above)!!!
Wahooska2.jpg (23891 bytes)  

Wahooska is a 7 year old neutered male. He is very large and a really beautiful and loving animal. He is housebroken, rides in a car, walks on a leash, and is capable of jumping most fences, but he won't if he knows where he lives and is happy there. He likes the company of other animals, especially his cute girlfriend, Babycakes. They rough house and play all the time. He is very athletic, and climbs onto the dog house, or any other high spot he can sit atop and observes the world around him. He is very aloof. He is a malamute mix, at l15lbs, he just seems to tower over the other dogs. He is never abusive of his size with the other animals, and is always polite and minds his manners. He'll make a really wonderful companion, and he plugs in well into new environments, and adjusts easily. A very adoptable friend. 

Babycakes and Wahooska were finally adopted together and they also have a new 11 month old wolf-hybrid puppy to help raise. Woo was gentle as a lamb and Babycakes finally got the other male puppy to realize SHE was the top dog!  Being here a long time isn't a bad thing when the best home you could ever want is opened up just for you. That's what Where Wolves Rescue is here for. your support is needed for us to attain these goals.
Blue   ADOPTED!!!  
Blue 01 16 04 3 small.JPG (34889 bytes) Blue is an interesting animal. He is the first red and white dog I've ever seen who's name is Blue! He must be a patriot! Blue is a neutered 14 month old male. He is a long haired malamute cross, is a beautiful light red on white, with the most gorgeous gold eyes. He is housebroken, even paper trained! He doesn't appear to have any bad habits except knocking into  people. He is good with other dogs, both male and female and is good with cats also. He is a really gorgeous, impressive and fun loving animal, with no bad habits, who rides in a car and works on a leash, and tries to be a good dog. 
CHOCTAW1.JPG (37627 bytes) Choctaw (or Chuckee), is a 3 year old neutered male. He is housebroken and he rides in a car and just loves to go for walks. He is active and athletic, and well behaved! He is a beautiful tawny silver, with a dirty mask within a classic mask, and beautiful silver/gold eyes. He is good with other dogs, although he does like to be top dog. He is  Good with kids, and cats. His only draw backs are that he occaisionally likes to climb the fence and go for solo walks. He seems top always know where homebase is though, so some fencing to help break him of this habit may the final solution. He is a real winner.   
Dani  ADOPTED!  See Letters Update with photos of Dani in her new home!
Dani is a wonderful 10 month old spayed female. She is a little rambunctious and will do better with other larger dogs. She likes children, she rides nicely in the car, works on a leash and knows basic commands like sit, stay and down. She can be housebroken easily but at her age she will not be trustworthy when alone and unsupervised for a long period of time. She will make a wonderful addition to any active family. 
Diamond   ADOPTED! 
DIAMOND3.JPG (36500 bytes) Diamond is a wonderful 18 month old neutered male. He is happy, he is bouncy, he likes people and other dogs both males and females. He could use some obediance training as he is quite the handful on a leash. His sled dog roots tend to show through. Good with older kids because of his overwhelming nature.  He is currently l sharing his living quarters with Xanidu (see adoptions page 2 ).
Flopsy   ADOPTED!           
Copy of FLPSYDN2.jpg (22118 bytes) Flopsy and Dena: They are a pair of 3 year old spayed female, sisters. Currently they have been separated and are no longer available as a pair.They are VERY affectionate, very active, not good with small furry objects that run quickly, like cats, ferrets, etc. But they do like to go for walks on a leash, rides in the car and visits with friends. Although they have been mostly outdoor dogs, they can come in the house while supervised, and eventually can become house dogs as they mature and become more responsible. Dena (on the right) is the more dominant of the two. She also bounces a lot and tries to kiss your nose.. Dena now currently resides with Hopalong (see below) and they jump and bounce together. Dena (Short for Houdini), needs an escape proof pen.                                        Flopsy is accurately named as she tends to flop a lot.
Heyoka ( or Hey! Yokers!) ADOPTED!!!
Heyoka 2.JPG (21221 bytes) Heyoka is a beautiful silver and white, 7 year old, neutered male. He is a good indoor/outdoor dog, he is still very athletic and active (still jumps up on the dog house), likes cooler weather, and would do well with someone who would take him for regular daily walks. He is good with other animals, dogs and cats, if properly introduced. Since he's lived in the same home his whole life it will take him a few weeks to get used to a new family, and settle in. Becuse of his size (100 + Lbs!) he would be better with older children.

Ichabod:     ADOPTED!!! See Letters for photo update and Ichy in his new home.

Ichabod and Angel 2.JPG (31245 bytes)

Ichabod has a long and interesting story, his story, like Arlo's will be coming soon to the letters dept. Currently Ichabod's info is currently under construction.

In this photo Ichabod is on the left and Angel , a previous adoption, is on the right.

Isis:              ADOPTED!!!

021402isis1.JPG (26878 bytes)

Isis is a 4 year old spayed female. She is polite, friendly, and out going , likes to play, walks well on a leash and can be taken anywhere.She rides well in the car, and appears to be social with all. She is not supposed to be good with cats. Although she was an out door dog at her previous home, she appears to want to do no more than come in the house. I think she would be wonderfully prim and proper as an indoor/outdoor dog. As many do she just craves as much attention as she can get. She gets on well with male dogs but not so well with females.  

Juno: (at the back) and Bruce and

Bandit all having fun together.

Bruce and Juno And Bandit 400.JPG (59757 bytes)

Jack 17.JPG (19017 bytes)

Jack is a 2-3 year old neutered male. He has a wonderful personality, appears to be housebroken (although he does mark his territory in new places!) comes when called, works on a leash, and can sit and shake. He also likes to jump up on you, race a round with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, and wants to be some guys best friend. As he is a dominant personality, I don't recommend him around children, or other dominant or male dogs. He is predominantly Malamute. He'll make a really nice companiojn and will adapt to a new home easily. 

Snow5.JPG (29239 bytes)

Snow is a 4 year old spayed female. She is a White German Shepherd cross, and very intelligent. She is good with children, and cats (as long as they are the outgoing type, she'll pick on a wimpy cat), and other dogs, male and female. She works on a leash, rides in a car, is crate trained, and is a really wonderful companion. Her owner passed away last year.  She will challenge a poor fence line both top and bottom, but I would not consider her a true escape artist, she just wants to have an owner and be next to that person. She has the most gorgeous gold eyes with black eyeliner. 
Kaila is an 8 month old spayed female. She is VERY friendly, likes everyone including kids, but tends to bump into everyone a lot because she is running so fast! Here she is with Lacey, one of our Volunteers. Kaila will come when you call her, and sit (with a little bit of emphasis), and lie down. She is really looking for a "whole lot a love" and wants other dog friends too, but she was not good with the previous FEMALE German Shepherd Dog that she lived with. She seems to like males just fine, and would probably like to have another dog like her as a companion. We don't know if she is good with cats or not. She does ride in the car well and walks on a leash well. She has a beautiful wild looking wolf type coat and is a beautiful wolf grey. She is housebroken and wants to be an indoor/outdoor companion (she doesn't seem to like the heat we've been having this year ) She's a real charmer. 

Reina: Adopted by an old friend and  multiple adopter, Reina now lives with a Siberian Husky and 3 cats and will have a wonderfully long life.

Reina 01 16 2004 5 small.JPG (41813 bytes)
Tiva:                     ADOPTED!!! (SEE LETTERS)
021602Tiva11.JPG (36034 bytes) Tiva is a two year old, spayed, female. She is a Siberian Husky and German Shepherd dog cross. She is good with other dogs, but no cats, rides well in a car, and walks nicely on a leash even though she's never been much more than a backyard dog. I doubt she's housebroken but I'm sure she'd do well under supervised conditions, and I think she could eventually learn to appreciate being an indoor/outdoor house pet. She is very affectionate and submissive with people, and really wants to please someone. She likes to give kisses, She would do well with medium sized and older kids.   

Adopted Animals  2005, 2006!

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